Miles Davis, Trumpeter

Below you will find the works of the readers who will be participating in the 2003-2004 Spectrum of Poetic Fire series.  Most author titles are available at the  MICA Supplies & Book Store on Mount Royal Avenue.




DeCesare, Barbara
Anti-Man Press  ISBN:
Hoch, James
A Parade of Hands
Silverfish Review Press  March 2003  ISBN:1878851185
Purpura, Lia
Stone Sky Lifting
Ohio State Univ. Press  December 2000 ISBN: 0814208622
  Book Cover
Purpura, Lia
University of Georgia Press  August 2000  ISBN: 0820322326
Purpura, Lia   Musial, Grzegorz
Poems of Grzegorz Musial: Berliner Tagebuch and Taste of Ash
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press Dec. 1998 ISBN: 0838637833
Purpura, Lia
The Brighter The Veil
Orchises Press  March 1996  ISBN: 0914061569
Purpura, Lia
Taste of Ash
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press
Thompson, M. Dion
Walk Like a Natural Man
BlackWords Press  October 2003  ISBN: 1888018275
Loudermilk, A.
The Daughterliest Son
Swan Scythe Press 2002  ISBN: 1930454104
Young Jr., Lawrence W.
Afromart Magazine: Cultural Pluralism on Campus: Handbook of Minority Student Services
Rosen, Gail
Genagelt ist meine Zunge:
Gedichte und Prosa einer Holocaust-Uberlebenden
Goethe-Institut  September 2003  ISBN: 3000104992
Harris, Reginald
Ten Tongues
Three Conditions Press  March 2003 ISBN: 0972124101
Rodriguez Guglielmoni, Linda
Metropolitan Fantasies
CCLEH  March 2001  ISBN: 99340182X
Reed, Ishmael
Yellow Back Radio Broke Down
Dalkey Archive Press  ISBN: 1546782387
Reed, Ishmael
Flight To Canada
Scribner  June 1998  ISBN: 0684847507
Reed, Ishmael
Japanese by Spring
Penguin Books  August 1996  ISBN: 0140255850
Reed, Ishmael
Mumbo Jumbo
Scribner  June 1996  ISBN: 0684824779
Reed, Ishmael
The Last Days of Louisiana Red
Dalkey Archive Press  July 2000  ISBN: 1564782360
Reed, Ishmael
The Terrible Twos
Dalkey Archive Press  September 1999  ISBN: 1564782263
Reed, Ishmael
The Terrible Threes
Dalkey Archive Press  September 1999  ISBN: 1564782247
Reed, Ishmael
Reckless Eyeballing
Dalkey Archive Press  October 2000  ISBN: 1564782379
Reed, Ishmael
From Totems to Hip-Hop
Thunder Mouth Press  December 2002  ISBN: 1560254580
Reed, Ishmael
Conjure; Selected Poems, 1963-1970
Univ. of Mass.  Press  June 1972  ASIN: 0870231146
Reed, Ishmael
New and Collected Poetry
Atheneum   December 1988  ASIN: 0689120036
Reed, Ishmael
Airing Dirty Laundry
Addison-Wesley   October 1993  ASIN: 0201624621
Reed, Ishmael
Writin' is Fightin': 37 Years of Boxing on Paper
Atheneum   July 1988  ASIN: 0689119755
Reed, Ishmael
MultiAmerica: Essays in the Cultural War
Viking Press  April 1997  ASIN: 0670867535
Reed, Ishmael
The REED Reader
Basic Books  April 2000  ASIN: 0465068936