Like No Plague

Don't look for no red sun,
don't look for no blood rivers.
If you got to get down on your knees,
you get down for me

Because I make your world collapse
like no plague or drought.
I change the flavor of
your air.
Don't you doubt me.
If you got to move
you get down for me.

I am the one man Apocalypse,
waging wars just beneath your skin
with a guaranteed win.
I swing low,
I work my way up
to my own red sun.

Take that last breath,
after this
they'll all burn your throat.
I am the end of your world.
Get down for me.

- Barbara DeCesare

Thursday, September 11, 2003
7:00pm - 9:00pm Station Building, Auditorium #3
The Bride of History Reading hosted by Barbara DeCesare

Barbara DeCesare is a writer whose work has been widely published, most recently in The Alaska Quarterly Review, Evansville Review,  Marlboro Review and Canada’s Grain Magazine, which awarded her the Best Postcard Fiction prize.  Her book of poems, Jigsaweyesore (Anti-Man Press, 1999), has been called “dangerous poetry” by The Baltimore Sun and is presently being adapted for stage.  She is an at-large board member of the Baltimore Writers’ Alliance, the book review editor for Wordhouse and the originator of The Poetry Olympics, which she hopes will become a cutthroat international competition.  Barbara lives in York, PA with her three kids and her beau, Emery Pajer.  She is a receptionist at a law firm in PA.

"Listening to Barbara DeCesare read her poems is quite a treat, but being able to finally read them in her first book has proven to be even more delightful. jigsaweyesore, recently published by Anti-Man Press, proves what I have known for years: Ms. DeCesare is an excellent poet. Her work stands up to the literary litmus test for poets who excel in performance: it does not sag when examined on the page. Instead, it becomes stronger." - Virginia Crawford


"Barbara DeCesare's jigsaweyesore shows what thunder looks like in writing... This is dangerous poetry.  Wear a cup." - Matthew M. McDermott, Baltimore Sun


"Barbara DeCesare is one of the most exciting and original poetic spirits in the Mid-Atlantic region.  I'd follow her voice anywhere." - Richard Peabody, Editor, Gargoyle Magazine
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