On behalf of the members of the Department of Language & Literature, I would like to welcome you to the 2002-2003 Spectrum of Poetic Fire reading series.  Your support has encouraged an unprecedented growth in the series and in its community arts partnership links! What the Spectrum reading series, Theater Project, LINK: A Journal of the Arts in Baltimore and the World, Maryland Poetry Review, LITE: Baltimore’s Literary Newspaper  and the D.C. powerhouse WordWrights! Magazine have in common is a love of the art of storytelling, that is often best exemplified in the work of both narrative and lyric poets from our ancient past and in our post-modern present.   

In ancient Egypt, the Scribe was one of the most important people in Egyptian society, The Scribe was important not only for his documentation function but for his ability to capture in both narrative and lyrical voices the imagination of his pharaoh, his time and his culture. The fact that these Egyptian Scribes were anonymous makes these lines from Pharaoh Rameses dynasty even more important in our world; where the individual struggles to find a place within the collective.  

                        “Departing this life has made their names forgotten,

                         It is writings which makes them remembered.”   

Spectrum of Poetic Fire 2002 Reading series is pleased to present some of the major Scribes of our time, in a format that is free and open to all students and the public.  I hope that you can join us. Please, feel free to call me personally, if you are interested in attending any of these events or visit with me on a Wednesday afternoon this fall.



In a schedule of such unique voices reading in a dialogue syncretism, we proudly present Poet Galway Kinnell.  Father wayfarer, lyrical surgeon, articulate voice of our age, the dreamed lover of a life lived, the bard brings his "imperfect thirst" to rain water in drought plagued Maryland.  Come listen to this great Scribe with us on Tuesday, October 29, 2002 at 7:00 pm at the Theatre Project.  His poet brother, Michael Collier - our honored State Poet Laureate - brings his voice as a second gift, to read new work on this evening.  Don't miss this rare double reading by literary giants.
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