Margaret Reid

Margaret Ann Reid, a native of Cheraw, S.C., received her B.A. in English from Morgan State University, her M.A. in English from the University of Iowa, her M.L.A. in Literature from The Johns Hopkins University, and her Ph.D. in English at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She serves on the educational boards of three academic journals and publishes on the literatures of African-Americans and African women. A former Fulbright-Hays recipient for summer study in Kenya and Tanzania, Dr. Reid is Associate Professor of English at Morgan State University. Her book Black Protest Poetry was published in 2001 and has received critical acclaim from her peers.

“Margaret Ann Reid's book resonates with brilliance and scholarship. She offers a vision of Black literature that is vital to our understanding of the Black Arts Movement and beyond. A major study.” -- Sonia Sanchez, Award Winning Poet/ Essayist/ Teacher/ Activist

“Dr. Reid's book is structured as a quintessential poetry/literature course textbook, which is destined to become a standard. The context for understanding the words of poetry on their paper is pointedly, excellently established. The historical perspectives provide a sure footing for students of black literature (and others who are interested) from which to see the chronicle of these movements which ebb and then flow with unremitting force “  Johari Amini, Poet/Teacher

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this insightful and skillfully woven study of the rhetorical strategies of the protest poetry from the Harlem Renaissance and the revolutionary sixties. As a product of the revolutionary sixties, I think Margaret Ann Reid makes excellent commentaries and comparisons that shed new literary light on both dynamic periods.” Carolyn Rogers, Poet/Teacher