Kevin Robinson Ensemble

Formed in 2003, The Kevin Robinson Ensemble is lead by Baltimore saxophonist, Kevin Robinson. The ensemble has challenged itself to explore the "art of conversation" through combining group improvisation, original compositions and rearranged jazz standards. The group has been blessed to collaborate with visual artist Chris Taylor and David Cunningham along with several poets and spoken word artists.

The mission of the ensemble is to create music that will be introspective to the respective individual members and will stimulate thought and conjure diverse emotions reflecting "this thing called life".

This collection of free-thinking, innovative musicians and spirits is comprised of various musical backgrounds. Musical styles steeped in straight-ahead, be-bop, gospel, funk, free-jazz, neo-soul, the blues, classical, and rhythm and blues are all accounted for when you mention this compilation of artist.  Stone Mountain, GA, Houston, TX, Chicago, IL, Washington, D.C., North Carolina and Baltimore, MD are all represented in this unit.  Peabody Conservatory, Morgan State University, Johns Hopkins University, SUNY College at Buffalo, Howard University, Berklee Institute of Music and the “University of the Streets” all have had a hand in developing the creative direction of The Kevin Robinson Ensemble.

This talented unit has been blessed to perform throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area at various venues to include The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture, The Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center, New Haven Lounge, Twins Jazz, and Artscape 2005.

The Ensemble has recently recorded their first CD. The project, A Journey in Freedom: The GOD Factor has been featured on 88.9 FM WEAA, Morgan State University- the "Magic Bird Show" hosted by Lasana Bill Harvey.


The Kevin Robinson Ensemble, featuring Vocalist Kim Walker 

Kim Walker – Vocals

Kevin Robinson – Saxophones

Delandria Mills – Flute

Jackie Blake – Flute

Rick Slye – Drums

Brandy Brewer –Bass

Taj – Guitar


Who is the Kevin Robinson Ensemble? 

A collective of daring, creative young men and women who have been challenged to create music in a language that surpasses words.

Their mission is to decompose all we know about sound, dimension and existence and reinvent it all into an untold array of marvelous things starting at the tip of your ears, then resonating on through your soul.

"Our compositions provide us a forum for musical discussions," Mr. Robinson explained.  "We take a member's basic idea and converse through a journey of introspection and sincere _expression."

Even their refreshing approach to a Rogers and Hammerstein ballad shape shifts into something haunting, cool and blue.

On their first studio release, the Kevin Robinson Ensemble has succeeded in transferring the spirited magic of its live performances to disc -- a feat not so easily accomplished, even by seasoned musicians.

This is a talent for now and toward the future; an exciting blend of sage and tradition with a trap door to the unexpected and the spontaneous.  What a wonderful contribution to Baltimore's lively performance culture. 

 Lasana Bill Harvey

88.9 WEAA-FM, Morgan State University

Baltimore, Maryland