Kendra Kopelke

Kendra Kopelke is the author of  Eager Street a collection of poems recently published by Stonevale Press. Her work has appeared in The Georgia Review, The Antioch Review, Partisan Review, and other journals, and has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She holds a Master of  Arts Degree from the Writing Seminars at The Johns Hopkins University and is editor of Passager. She teaches Creative Writing courses, Workshop in Literary Forms and Writing/Graphics courses. In 1998 Professor Kopelke was appointed the Klein Professor of Writing and Literature, becoming the first faculty member in the Yale Gordon College to occupy an endowed chair.  She was named Baltimore's Best Poet by Baltimore Magazine in 2001.  She is one of three writers along with Chezia Thompson-Cager and Clarinda Harriss to publish poems in When Divas Dance published by Maisonnueve Press in 2004.


 Kendra Kopelke sees Baltimore with clarity, wisdom, and wit.... one nods with her in recognition: 'yes, go on, yes.'" -- Lucille Clifton

Her wildly inventive poems always cut to the heart of the matter, and when Baltimore’s Kendra Kopelke reads—which is all too infrequently—she projects an ancient, bardic charisma. Editor of the literary journal Passager, and a writing professor at University of Baltimore, Kopelke’s too busy putting the divine into words to rest on her laurels. -- Baltimore Magazine