Gary Logan

Gary W. Logan, a Baltimore native was educated in the public  school system.  He is an artist whose paintings have been on display in the tri-state area.  A noted musician, Gary played percussion for a number of jazz and rock groups during the late sixties and seventies.

Gary began writing poetry in his early teens and has written over 2000 poems.  Gary has won numerous poetry slams in the Baltimore/Washington area.  His writings contain a unique style, urban in character, somewhere between old school and hip-hop

1999 - First Place Winner - Artscape Poetry Slam, Baltimore

2000 - First Place Winner - Book Festival Poetry Slam, Baltimore

2002 - First Place Winner - Mid Atlantic Poetry Slam, Washington, DC

1998-2002 - Performed with the spoken word poetry group "The Family"

2000 - Released self published chapbook "The Common Bond"

2000 - Contributor to the Great Blacks in Wax anthology.

2001 - Released spoken word CD "From the Roots into the Mind"


Be's That Way Sometime

As a child, I asked so many questions

And my Grandma would give me the answers

She explained the rhyme and reason for everything

In her southern ways she would say

It be’s that way sometimes

I can still see her in that rocking chair

She rocked me to sleep humming a gospel song

Told me stories about the slavery days, “yall gotta fight if yall wanna be free

And education is the way”

I thank God for her everyday

She told me about he birds and bees

When my parents didn’t understand

My grandma would be there to listen

No matter how ridiculous it may have seemed

She had the patience of a saint

And if the answers didn’t suit your taste

You know what my grandma would say?

Be’s that way sometimes

We took for granted the way she pampered us

I could always get that extra piece of cake

When the blues came, I could cry in her arms

She had charisma, you know, that southern charm

She never liked the city life, hers was one of sacrifice

I remember that warm smile and those big hello hugs

And she would ask, “How’s Grandma’s baby today?”

When she passed away, my life was never the same

I think of her everyday

The wisdom she passed to me

She would say “Keep the Lord in your heart and

You’ll never be alone”

It’s accordin to the corridin, all fact and principles

I never knew what that meant, only thing I can say

Be’s that way sometimes