National Poetry Month

FIRE-A-Thon Readings

Radio - WEAA 4/20 9:00 PM 
4/23 to 4/27 in 4 Locations

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National Poetry Month FIRE-A-Thon Biographies

Lluvia Claudio Albarran

Originally from Stanford Connecticut, Lluvia has been writing poetry since elementary school.  This is her first public reading and her first attempt at writing something worth sharing

Brandon Ancone

Was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He is an illustration major at Maryland Institute College of Art and currently resides in Baltimore.


Kate Murphy

Grew up in upstate New York. She came to MICA as a painting major but recently made a switch to video.  She is interested in making documentary films.


Lee Freeman

Is a sophomore artist at Maryland Institute College of Art.  He is 20 years old and dreams of being a genius.


Alessa Kreger

Is  a sophomore Illustration major from Princeton, New Jersey.  She hopes to become a freelance artist after college and do Illustrations for books, comics, and graphic novels.  When she is not working or spending time with friends, she also enjoys singing and acting.


Oliver Munday

Graphic Design Student from Washington D.C.


Olive Courtright

Poetry, patterns, faces, actions, and vibes.  These are the things I love to read: Plant the seed water and I will grow.


Bryan Rees

Is a junior video major from Cincinnati, Ohio. He will be accompanied by Sam Miller, a senior General Fine Arts major from Silver Spring, Maryland.

Madeline Poole

Is from an “extensive” family of polar bears.  The only animals that will instinctively hunt and kill humans.  She likes fanciful imaginations and miniature food products.  She can’t wait to read her poems to everyone.

Alexander Dondero

Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Creative writing has never been practiced but has been respected.  In this first public reading he hopes to connect with someone who is listening.


Colleen Lawless

This “rad” lady from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has a love/hate relationship with pop culture and public attention.  She’s currently training strenuously for this marathon of suppressing self consciousness and simultaneously rocking out with her “bad” self.


Htet Gyaw

Originally from his mother, Htet hopes his reading goes well.  He was born in Rangoon, Burma and moved to Ithava, New York at nine years of age.  He is currently majoring in video at Maryland Institute College of Art.


Cindy Garcia

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Cindy has been writing books and stories since she could hold a pencil in her hand.  For all of her writing and poetry, she has been heavily influenced by the writings of Jamaica Kincaid, Langston Hughes, Dorothy Parker, and the words of  [ Blues genius ] Robert Johnson.


Chris Raybourne

Was born and raised in Washington, D.C. He has been writing poetry since elementary school but has never “publically” recited any of his works.  He is excited to get up and give it a try.  Give it up for Chris!


Kelly Adamczyk

This is her 1st time reading her own poems to a group of people.  Over this last semester she has improved a lot at writing poetry.  She is originally from the Midwest.


Kaliq Crosby

Is an energetic animation major from the District of Columbia.  This product of Chipped Diamond (DC) is a junior involved with the Black Student Union and K.I.P. Clothing Company.  His major goal is to enjoy life and own a home in 5 countries.


Audra Harvey

FIRE-A THON’s  talented graphic designer Is a New Jersey native and a graphic design major with a Creative Writing minor at Maryland Institute College Art.  She enjoys writing but this is her first experience with writing poetry.  She hopes to continue learning about language and expression from this and other poetry classes.


Jerry Son

Was born in the United states but was raised most of his life in Korea. He has “aspects  of poem in different cultures and believes strongly that his thought apphed to poem is interesting enough to listen.”


May Wilson

Sculpture major MICAN. Marylander, oldest girl of 5,  May Celeste. Aspiring bush pilot, artist and traveler. Llama farmer too.


Bryan Rees

Poems. Important Ideas in Poems: My current spot in life; my doubts on humanity; my views on love; my temper, and my biggest obstacles in making art.


Nickolay Shchetankin

This former  R&B superstar has merged himself into “the work of poetry”; while still perfecting his craft.  His hobbies include animation, skateboarding and food.  His fine and delicate features truly “immense themselves” in his poetry and his Soviet Communist background only pushes him to be the very best.


Jordan Sanford

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio with poetry in his blood, he began to write at 13 years of age out of frustration with the world around him: and his is still frustrated but art and spirituality have allowed him to see the beauty in the world and to share that beauty with those around him.



Chezia Thompson Cager Strand

Is a Poet Dr. Teacher guided by the ancient river of  light that seeks the good in being –Jes Grew seeking its text/The Book of The 7Seals in rivers in Africa, Europe, China and the New World - Diva Squad poetry sergeant: Poet Mother who wrote 2 children into life and fed them poetry and river water and struggle: Poet Wife who celebrates daily her sojourn to a life as 2 in the kiss of spring’s heat, standing in the rain of  life’s continued challenges – sabbatical bound.